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This tag provides both long range tracking and short range high security authentication. The ultra-thin battery boosts the RF signal yet still allows the ID card to fit into a wallet.

CS9110 combines a UHF BAP tag and Mifare HF tag in one single ID card. With a Mifare HF read range of 2.5 cm.

CS9111 combines a UHF BAP tag and HID eProx HF tag in one single ID card. With a HID eProx HF read range 9 cm with MaxiProx reader.

CS9112 combines a UHF BAP tag and HID iClass HF tag in one single ID card. With a HID iClass HF read range 2.5 cm.


  • Long UHF read range with over 20 meters in open space
  • Hands-free operation with readability of 5 meters in shirt pocket
  • Omni-directional tags that can be worn as a badge or carried in pockets, purses, briefcases, and billfolds
  • Data storage directly on the tag with lockable data protection
  • Preprintable Card form factor with optional hole punch.


DimensionsID card standard size, 85 x 54 x 2.3 mm
UHF Read Range20 meters in free space, 5 meters on human body
Operating Temperature-20°C to 60°C
Operating FrequencyGlobal 860 to 960 MHz
Environment ProtectionIP68
StandardEPC BAP UHF: ISO 18000-6, EPC Class 3 Gen 2
Standard OptionsMifare HF ISO 14443A (CS9110)
HID eProx HF ISO 14443B, ISO 15693(CS9111)
HID iClass HF: ISO 14443B, ISO 15693(CS9112)
Memory EPC BAP UHF: 96-bit EPC ID, 64-bit TID, 720-bit User Memory
Memory Options Mifare HF: 4-Byte UID, 1K-Byte user memory(CS9110)
HID eProx HF:4-Byte UID, 1K-Byte user memory(CS9111)
HID iClass HF: 2K-bit (256 Byte) / 16K-bit (2K Byte) / 32K-bit (4K Byte) user memory(CS9112)
Optional FeaturesFour color printing and hole punch


ModelOrder Code100 unitsIn-stock
UHF BAP Mifare HF ID CardCS9110Contact usNo
UHF BAP HID eProx HF ID CardCS9111Contact usNo
UHF BAP HID iClass HF ID CardCS9112Contact usNo