Red Cell Innovation Inc.

What is it?

We use forms every day. Whether it's a survey, receipt, estimate, or registration form, pen on paper is still the most practical means of data collection for many applications.

There are two main reasons for their popularity: They are inexpensive to produce, requiring only some design and printing; and the only equipment needed to use them is a pen and a hard surface.

The cost however goes up rapidly when the information entered in the form needs to be used on a computer. Traditionally someone needs to transcribe the information from the form into a database. each form taking several minutes.

Intelligent Forms lower this cost dramatically. Forms are scanned and software is used to extract the data from the form.

We can help.

We will help you design, print, and use an Intelligent Form. We may even be able to turn your old file cabinet that is full of “offline” information into a useful database. Contact us.