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What is it?

Digital archiving combines scanning of documents with storage, indexing, and retrieval.

A scanner is used to digitize documents into a portable format, such as PDF/A or TIFF.

If searchability will be required, the documents must undergo optical character recognition (OCR) to convert the scanned graphics to text. Depending on the quality of the original documents and the typeface used, accuracy may approach 99%; however using other techniques, even poor quality documents and handwritten notes can be converted to text very accurately.

Once a document has been converted to text, it can be indexed so that it can later be searched. If the data in the documents needs to be organized for advanced searching, metadata can be added.

Archived documents can be stored on a portable medium such as CD, DVD, or USB memory stick, or can be loaded into a document management system.

Scanned documents can be returned, stored, or even shredded.


  • Medical record archiving of stale patients
  • Current medical records
  • Financial records
  • Meeting minutes
  • Legal opinions


  • Gain instant access to years of paper documents.
  • We use international standards for document preservation and recordkeeping, allowing you to legally shred and dispose of your paper copies. Even financial documents and health records can be destroyed.
  • Free-up clutter and costly office space.
  • Search your documents.
  • Mine documents for valuable data.

How can we help?

We offer full-service document management solutions. Let us propose a solution that fits your needs. Contact us.