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What is it?

RFID systems are comprised of one or more readers, and one or more tags. The tags are typically attached to or embedded into the objects that need to be tracked. Each tag consists of a tiny integrated circuit (chip) and an antenna. Tags are available in different shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. Generally speaking, the distance from which a tag can be read is proportionate to the size of the antenna.

Red Cell offers over 1000 different RFID tags, more than any other distributor in North America. We purchase directly from the manufacturer, and most tags can be customized. Tags can be purchased for as little as 10¢ in quantity.

These are some of the tags we offer. There are too many to list, so please Contact us with information about your application so that we can recommend the best tag for your needs and budget.

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Product Line

CS830xCold Chain Tags
CS911xEPC Gen2 UHF BAP tag and Mifare HF, HID eProx HF or HID iClass HF
CS6040Metal Tag Series RFID Tag
CS6670Wrist Watch Passive RFID Tag
CS6720Vehicle Access Control Label
CS6820UHF RFID Access Card ID Card
CS8010Ultra-Thin Metal Tag
CS9010UHF Battery-Assisted Passive (BAP) ID Card
CS8060UHF Document/book tag
Other tagsContact us about our thousands of other available tags.