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What is it?

Real-time Location Sensing (RTLS) uses “smart tags” to automatically locate objects or people in a local area. It can be used indoors or outdoors to track within a defined area. Accuracy can reach ±1 metre in good conditions.

Product Line

CS001RTLS-DEVKITReal Time Location System Development Kit


  • Tracking portable objects such as medical equipment or tools
  • Tracking valuables such as jewellery or electronics in retail
  • Locating children, people with autism, the elderly
  • Locating VIPs in government buildings
  • Locating patients in healthcare
  • Tracking mailroom containers
  • Locating cars in rental car lots
  • Work-in-process management in manufacturing
  • Security guard location
  • Infectious disease and epidemic control
  • Livestock monitoring and disease control
  • Rental boat management

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