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CS001RTLS-DEVKIT is a development kit for the Real Time Location System (RTLS) active RFID product family. It offers a full set of various beamwidth RTLS anchors and a comprehensive suite of tools to enable rapid design and development integrating the RTLS devices. The development kit consists of anchors and tags that can provide up to ± 1 metre location resolution.


  • Warehouse: dock, storage, forklift
  • Personnel: monitoring, egress, attendance
  • Vehicles: parking, tolls, rental inventory
  • Animal: pet tracking, livestock


  • 7 RTLS anchors in various beamwidth types (including narrow, wide and omni-directional)
  • 10 RTLS tags for setup of a complete RTLS system
  • SDK with complete APIs and demo program source code for fast development
  • Scenario based configuration guidelines
  • Full set of mounting kits and tripods to simplify installation procedure for demo and testing

Ordering Code

  • CS001RTLS-DEVKIT-US (with US type power adaptor);
  • CS001RTLS-DEVKIT-EU (with EU type power adaptor);
  • CS001RTLS-DEVKIT-UK (with BS/UK/HK type power adaptor);
  • CS001RTLS-DEVKIT-AU (with Australia type power adaptor)

Each development kit includes

Readers 1 CS5113TD Narrow Beamwidth Master Anchor with Ethernet (CS5113TD-XX);
3 CS5111TD Narrow Beamwidth Slave Anchor (CS5111TD-XX);
2 CS5112TD Wide Beamwidth Slave Anchor (CS5112TD-XX);
1 CS5116TD Omni-directional Slave Anchor (CS5116TD-XX);
Tags 10 CS3151TC Asset Tag (CS3151TC);
Accessories 7 24V Power adaptor (CSLRTLS-AD-XX);
6 Anchor mounting kit (CSLRTLS-MOUNTING);
6 Anchor tripod stand (CSLRTLS-TRIPOD);
SDK and Document (download from CSL website)
SDK with demo program
RTLS User's manual
RTLS Programmer's manual
RTLS Installation Guide


ModelOrder Code1 unitIn-stock
RTLS Developer KitCS001RTLS-DEVKITUSD 4000Yes
¹ subject to currency variance