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Notification System for Modern Passengers

Today's passengers demand that travel information be current and easy to access. Our system offers transportation authorities a cost-effective turn-key solution

enroute is our esteemed world-class passenger notification system. Designed for scheduled intercity train, bus, and air transportation services, this enterprise-class system demonstates an extensive feature set, flexibility, and exceptional value.

Designed to Adapt

  • A modular design for flexibility
  • Built in the cloud so IT infrastructure is not required
  • Easy integration with third-party reservation systems
  • Easy integration with vehicle location data providers

Designed to Disseminate

  • SMS (text message)
  • Email
  • Voice call (male or female voice)
  • Mobile app
  • Twitter
  • Platform display

Designed for Passengers

  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Subscribe for notifications during ticketing/reservation
  • Subscribe by web interface, mobile app, or SMS
  • Cancel subscription anytime
  • Request current status anytime by SMS
  • Specify amount of forewarning for scheduled notifications

Designed for You

  • Broadcast ad-hoc messages on a stop, route, or system-wide basis e.g. derailment
  • Extensive reporting
  • Granular logging

Designed for the World

  • Easily adaptable to any language
  • Translation services available
  • Voice notifications available in 17 languages, many with regional accents and a male or female voice.

A Turnkey Solution

enroute is offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS), so no investment in infrastructure is required. Built in the highly scalable Microsoft Azure cloud platform, enroute can provide cost-effective value for transit systems of all sizes, whether hundreds or millions of notifications per month.

You supply the pax.

We'll do the rest. We provision everything required for successful deployment.

  • Web hosting and database infrastructure
  • Email delivery services
  • SMS send/receive services
  • SMS short code procurement
  • Voice communication services
  • Integration with ticketing system
  • Installation of vehicle location sensing or integration with existing systems
  • Technical support
  • Training
  • Marketing materials
  • Project management


The main factor that determines costs is the number of passengers using the system. A complete installation can cost between 2¢ and 15¢ per passenger-trip depending on volume, options, integration, and special requirements.

Would your transit system be interested in participating in a case study? Contact us for more information.